Choosing a Wedding Caterer

How to choose the right wedding caterer for you

You’ve picked your venue, been following your dream photographer on Instagram forever and your best friend knows a fabulous cake maker - all done and booked. Now you just have the task of finding your perfect wedding caterer. A quick search on the web brings up a sea of choices. How on earth do you choose?

Wedding catering is a very personal decision for you and your spouse to make. For many people, food is a big deal - and it can make or break a wedding. No pressure hey? Before you part with your hard earned cash, have a read of our top tips to help find a caterer who fits what you are looking for.

1.       Atmosphere

Before even beginning to think about your dream menu, sit down together and discuss the atmosphere you wish to create. Are you striving for a relaxed and informal setting with you and your guests sharing food together? Or perhaps you have visions of a more formal affair from your wedding catering? Once you are both on the same page, look for caterers who paint the same picture. If you’re still unsure pick up the phone or email and it should become immediately obvious if their style suits you. 

2.       The Power Of Food

Very often,  wedding guests are meeting for the first time. So why not use food to bring them together? Sharing boards  are an example for doing just that! They offer variety and diversity but also enhance  guest interaction as everyone has a common ground conversation starter about the food that they’re sharing. Why not take an extra step and look at our ‘carve your own’ sharing boards? What could be more of an ice breaker than carving your very own delicious wedding breakfast for you and your table?. If you think enhancing guest interaction is important on your big day, we’d recommend talking to your potential caterers for their suggestions on what works well. 

3.       Expectations

Be vocal about what you are expecting from your wedding catering experience. For example are staff included? As a caterer, we generally supply the biggest team available for the longest period of the day possible. For us, we use this to our advantage and preagree other tasks we can get involved in to make the day as seamless and stress free as possible. We try to take on extra roles so your loved ones don’t have to. Communication is key when making that all important decision of choosing your wedding caterer. The last thing you want to find out is something you assumed to be part of the service, is not included. Make sure you agree what is included in advance of your big day to avoid disappointment!  

4.       Menus

Nowadays most people do not want a ‘wedding factory’ feel by picking X amount of choices off a set menu that has been delivered time and time again - tomato soup and dry chicken anyone?! Most couples want to feel part of the menu creation and have all of their favourite flavours served at their wedding breakfast. Check with your caterer if they offer a bespoke menu service - you can see details about our menu offerings here.

5.       Tasters

When deciding your wedding caterer remember you are always allowed to try before you buy! For us it is really important that our customers try our food before their big day whether that be before they book with us or after they decide to secure their date in the diary. It is a great time to try what we are about first and even sit down with a cup of tea after to answer any questions. You can book a wedding taster with us by contacting us via email or phone. 

And that’s the end of our top tips! There are so many talented chefs out there with many different styles, we understand that it can be a hard task to narrow down your choices. We hope our tips help point you in the right direction to finding the ideal fit for your wedding day. If you feel like we could be the wedding caterer for you, please do drop us a line or pick up the phone - we would love to hear from you!

Big love,

Kirsty and Steve

Posted on July 25th 2019

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