Sample Menus

Wedding Menu IDEAS

Our aim is to work closely with you as a couple to design the perfect menu that is bespoke to your own tastes. In order to do this, we have developed a series of sample menus to prompt inspiration regarding the edible portion of your day.

The options we suggest in our sample menus are forever evolving based on the seasonal availability of ingredients. We also work closely with our trusted local suppliers in the Devon, Dorset & Somerset areas. This ensures we are sourcing only the finest produce for our wedding catering services, so our sample menus will change from time to time.

Fossil Food Catering waitress pouring champagne
Fillet of fish with mussels and herbs
Sharing Boards
Fossil Food Catering waiters serving canapés
BBQ smoked joint of meat
Carve Your Own
Sharing board with chicken, scotch eggs and chutney
Sharing Bowls
Paella in traditional pan with chorizo and king prawns
Bowl of shredded hog roast and apple sauce
The Extra Mile
Platter of desserts
Evening Food

Wedding Menu Questions

There really is no question too obvious, please don't hesitate to ask us anything about wedding catering and how we can help.

What food is served at a wedding breakfast?

It entirely depends on what the couple prefers! A wedding breakfast itself is just the posh name given to the main wedding feast given to the newlyweds and guests - it’s the main meal that brings everyone back together after the ceremony before a night of dancing and celebrating. What exactly you have for the food is down to your personal taste. We love to create menus that reflect the couples favourite foods, flavours and memorable experiences together! Your menu is the perfect opportunity to show a flare of your personality. 

Whether it’s a sumptuous 3-course plated food or a BBQ sharing board banquet, we’ve created a range of sample menus that help to get the creative juices flowing, but if you want to discuss any ideas you have - just let us know, we’d love to chat and help craft your perfect wedding menu.

How to make a wedding menu

Focusing on the food itself rather than the invite card, creating a wedding menu for you and your guests should be a fabulous part of the planning experience. We’ve got some sample menus on our website which are there to give you a bit of inspo, but the main thing is to make sure it’s something that you both love. It’s your chance to create your dream menu, created to your exact taste! We have a blog post a while back that talks in detail exactly how the menus are created if this is helpful to add a little one liner something like “If you are wondering exactly how we extract these ideas from our couples in turn to create the perfect bespoke menu, we have wrote a blog which explains in more detail here” 

It goes without saying you do need to consider guests too. Remember, you’re hosts - so think about popular picks that are sure to go down well.  (controversial but we are big advocates of throwing caution to the wind and tell our couples if the like it – that’s all that matters lol. Perhaps we remove this line?)

Do you need menu cards at a wedding?

These are the cards that many send out with wedding invites. They’re not required by any means, but they can be really useful for communication at this stage of planning. If you’re offering different menu options or want to know individual dietary requirements - it’s a common way to get that information back to you. 

There are other ways of doing it to consider too, many people use a website now to get these chunks of information across. Once again, it’s down to personal taste and what you both want.

Do you put wines on a wedding menu invite?

Well, firstly it’s up to you. It’s your wedding and if the type of wine is important information for your guests then why not? In general though, it’s probably not needed. Some people ask for wine preference if it is to be served individually.

You’re inviting guests to your wedding, it’s more important focus on details like the dates, ceremony and reception location. 

How do wedding guests remember their menu choices?

Generally your guests would have chosen their menu choices a while back and may easily forget by time your wedding day arrives. A useful tip would be to include reminders inside your name place cards or if you want to go all out ask a local stationary whizz to create menu cards for you that match your table décor style. A reminder for your guests certainly helps service run smoothly.

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