Dietary Requirements - Do you Cater For Dietary Requirements?

You learn a lot about your guests once you ask the question ‘do you have any dietary requirements?’ on your invites. At first when this information begins to flood back to you it can feel overwhelming. Below is personally how we choose to cater for any guests who have dietaries or allergies at your wedding day.

We are more than happy to cater for all of your guests adapting your menu to suit any dietary requirements. Generally unless you have a preference for otherwise we will tailor the original menu adapted removing any elements each guest cannot eat. This encourages inclusivity amongst all and a smooth service in the kitchen.

sharing table

When catering sharing board style the same principle applies although instead serving the main element of this adapted meal plated directly to each guest with the sharing sides available for everyone to get involved in the sharing fun and avoids cross contamination too.

This data is due 6 weeks before your wedding day to provide lots of time for you to collect this data. We then ask for this data to be transferred into a labelled table plan to allow us to know exactly where these guests are sat and take care of them accordingly. Please provide as much detail as possible when it comes to allergens on severity - if unsure we are more than happy to speak to your guests directly. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like any more advice or guidance on creating a menu suitable for you and your guests' dietary requirements.

Posted by Fossil Food Team on March 18th 2022

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