Wedding Paella

Wedding Paella

Our paella is, quite simply, a show stopper.

Served in large, authentic, sizzling Spanish pans, our oozy paella is bejeweled with plump, juicy King Prawns, local squid, mussels, sumptuously rich chorizo, and local, free-range chicken breast, all bursting with flavour from our very own spice recipe. 

We also make an exquisitely tasty vegetarian option served with lusciously roasted Mediterranean vegetables and ample chickpeas.

It's all served with home-baked, steaming bread and a selection of salads to pep up the palette.

Heralding from Valencia

The dish takes its name from the "paellera" – the large, flat-bottomed pan it's traditionally cooked in. Your first bite whisks you away to a sun-drenched, hazy landscape, and a crowd teeming around a steaming pan of true Spanish produce. 

Paella is serious business, with one of the world's oldest cooking competitions centering around this vibrant dish. Nowadays, paella comes in a range of varieties - and diehard chefs might argue over which is the best!

Our paella plays to the best of the ingredients, from each grain of rice fit to bursting with savoury flavour, to the silkiness of squid and luscious prawns, to the mouth-watering succulence of vibrant crimson chorizo. There will be plenty to go around, which is for the best since your guests will certainly be coming back for seconds.

Bespoke to Your Taste

Everybody has different tastes, so we will design a bespoke menu especially for you. We would love to work with you and create your dream wedding food. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team to find out what we can offer.

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