Planning Your Wedding Catering


Once you have secured your booking with us as your wedding catering team, we work alongside you to guide you through designing the perfect day, paying meticulous attention to detail.

Whether you have devised a specific theme for your wedding menu, or if food has barely even sprung to mind yet, we have the experience required to create a delectable array of dishes that are tailored to suit your tastes. We work with you to infuse your own favourite flavours, experiences and adventures together to develop unique concepts. Taking into account what will be in prime season for your wedding, our Head Chef, Steve, utilises these concepts in conjuring up dishes that are entirely bespoke to you.

Taster Sessions

First, we invite you to try your dishes during a warm and welcoming taster session set in our own home. This is a chance to try the tasty dishes we have cooked up for you, based on the concept we have created together. After the session, we’ll sit down to have a cup of tea together and welcome any feedback you may have, enabling us to create the perfect menu for the day itself. We also like to work with you on the wedding planning, to help ensure everything goes as seamlessly as possible. With many years experience, we can advise on anything from creating your timings for the day together to introducing you to other fellow suppliers.

If you need reassuring that we are the perfect catering service for you, your taster session can be arranged to take place before you secure your booking with us.

Personalised Wedding Catering Guide

After the tasting session, we will send over your personalised wedding catering guide. All information gathered thus far is combined into one place, so you can share it with the other suppliers involved in making your big day complete and have all those important details in one place. The guide has useful tips weaved in on everything we have learned along our way.

We are continually working with our clients to brush up on the finer details, right up until their big day. We also want to make planning your wedding as simple as possible, so we can suggest other brilliantly talented suppliers where necessary.

At Fossil Food Catering, we provide a service that goes above and beyond being just your caterer. The personal touch we provide with our catering service transcends just the planning and preparing of exquisite foods, as we take the time to get to know you as a couple.  We are always on call to help with whatever may pop up along the way, making your whole planning experience as fun and enjoyable as possible. Our door is always open!

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