Your Wedding Catering Check List

Your wedding catering can feel like a daunting task with many spinning plates to consider (pun intended!). That may be true however breaking these tasks up with a game plan in tow brings the fun back into your wedding catering planning! Which is why we have created a checklist to help you stay on top of your wedding catering...

1 Year - 6 Months To Go

Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

There are many different styles available with many talented local caterers in the South West Wedding Catering scene. But ‘how do you choose a wedding caterer?!” we hear you cry! Take a step back to visualize exactly what purpose you expect your wedding food to offer. It is all about priorities—are you a huge foodie? Is your food’s sole purpose filling tummies ready to dance the night away to your favourite band? Do you want a relaxed approach? There are many different caterers serving many different things to suit your needs. Once this is established, this will help focus on exactly who can deliver this for you. There is a lot of trust involved in picking all suppliers and we always recommend choosing one who you feel listens and understands your vision and will have fun along the journey with you—after all, you wouldn’t invite a guest who you didn’t jell with. 

A good caterer will get booked up pretty early (now more than ever since the wedding boom post pandemic) so get in quick for more variety of options available for your date to choose from!

6 to 3 Months To Go...


Fossil Food Catering personally choose to host our tasters on the off season. This is because we prioritise catering weddings and tasters separately to give full energy entirely to each where due. After all, we are sure you wouldn’t like us hosting a taster the day before your wedding and vice versa. Tasters are a great time to ask your caterer lots of questions, develop on ideas to suit your tastes and get to know each other better. We host ours in our home privately per couple—the goal is you will feel you are having a relaxed day out with friends planning your wedding together.

Everything in Between

Following your taster, you will come away assured that all of your planning is in check. Your menu will now be confirmed alongside planning, as well as your timings. Now is also the time to think about crockery/cutlery/kitchen equipment and everything in between leaving just the small details to go!

Canape board

6 weeks to 1 month To Go...

Now that all the big stuff is done and dusted, you can practically taste those canapes! Not long to wait now. We hope the excitement is brewing! Small details left to disclose with your caterers include:

  • Final Dietary Requirements

  • Labelled Table Plan

  • Final Numbers & Remaining Balance

We personally love to catch up and go through everything one last time in detail to check plans are still as originally discussed previously—then we are set to go! You will receive a final wedding spec sheet with all details enclosed to share with other suppliers or your venue if you wish. Once approved by you we are ready to rock and roll!

Wedding schedule

On The Day...

You have worked super hard and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour! Buckle in for the a memorable and best day ever! We will be ready to greet you back at your venue with a big smile and a glass of fizz. Rest assured that neither you, or your nearest and dearest, will need to lift a finger - we got you! 

Sound like a plan? Why not get in touch and see how we can help!

Posted by Fossil Food Team on August 11th 2021

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