Your COVID Wedding: A Guide to COVID Wedding Catering

Hello everybody! How are you doing? It’s been a minute since we last stopped by for a chat. We hope you are doing well during these crazy times that 2020 brings.

Unless you have been living under a rock these last few months you will be fully aware that this year has not gone as intended for many due to the pandemic. However things are (slowly!) stepping in the right direction for the wedding industry and we could not be more excited to get back to what we love at some amazing wedding venues with some equally amazing couples and guests! 

We have been studying the wedding Covid guidelines, collaborating with peers in the industry and working closely alongside our East Devon’s local authority Environmental Health Officer team and the Government guidance to implement safety measures on how we plan to protect your guests and our staff with our wedding catering services during the Coronavirus pandemic. In this post we hope to provide reassurance to those looking to plan an intimate wedding. 

The Government announced from the 15th August 2020 wedding receptions are allowed to take place for a maximum of 30 guests within a venue type setting (garden parties on private land are not allowed at the moment). You should include all suppliers such as photographers or videographers for example within your chosen 30 people (not included in the numbers are third party catering staff and venue staff). Full guidance can be found here: covid-19-guidance-for-small-marriages-and-civil-partnerships

With a few small tweaks and changes we are able to still provide many formats for your bespoke wedding catering that continue to achieve the same end product of a tasty and delicious wedding breakfast with the ones you love as a married couple! Here's the low down on what to expect from Fossil Food Catering when planning your big day.


We are pleased to say that with a bit of creativity we can still offer all your favourite foods through the likes of a canape reception and sharing boards with no compromise on quality! Here’s how:

  • Canapes will be plated and pre portioned then wrapped and served on a table for guests to help themselves to their own personal plate. Guests can then enjoy their plate of canapes at leisure. Let’s be honest… some guests cleverly gather nearby the kitchen as the canapes arrive (guilty…!) Perks of plated - everybody gets their full blown portion - yum!

  • Drinks will be served in a similar fashion via a drinks station table which is very similar to what we recommended traditionally. When guests wish their glass to be topped up we ask them to return following social distancing to the drinks table and one of our team will top their glass up

  • You may choose to create a lovely sign with explanation as this is a little different to what guests are familiar with or let guests follow their noses and the canape and drinks feast to begin organically – how you do this depends on your personal preference.

  • Sharing Boards – we have been advised that sharing boards are allowed as part of your wedding breakfast! If you plan to serve sharing boards at your wedding breakfast we ask that you reach out to each of your guests and inform them of your decision. Some may not feel comfortable with this kind of style just yet. If you do have some guests who are not ready for this style of dining this is not a problem! We will be providing each guest their own serving equipment to remove the food from the board onto their plate.

PPE & Facemasks

The team will be wearing face masks at all times whilst serving food and drinks. During the period of your wedding breakfast yourself or guests do not have to wear a mask, although some may personally choose to wear one. We will be sporting custom made face masks by the talented The Slow Lanes designed to match our dungaree style aprons. If you are looking for funky designs and support a local business, Jaz is your girl! Find her shop here. 

Personal Hygeine

As caterers we have always understood the importance of personal hygiene and hand washing way before Covid. We will be providing each member of staff with their own bottle of hand sanitiser and encouraging regular usage in addition to regular handwashing.

Fossil Food Catering Canapes

Our Team

Our team as always are here to look after you and your guests! We put our hearts and soul into ensuring everybody has a day to remember. We are taking precautions to look after our health and reduce our risk of exposure to Covid-19 to ensure that we are healthy. We will be asking our team to be acting accordingly and declare prior to each event they are healthy with no known symptoms.

Yes this is a slightly odd time, but with the right planning we can make the most important day of life just as brilliant. Covid has taught us all something that we all know deep down but sometimes got lost with the noise of life, nothing matters more in the world than the people we love. We hope this provides you with reassurance and confidence to go ahead and plan your wedding. If you wish to discuss wedding catering services for your intimate wedding day celebrations we would love to hear from you. Please drop us a message at or give us a call on 07514077561.

Lotsa love, Kirsty & Steve x

Posted by Fossil Food Team on August 21st 2020

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