What Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

It’s wedding catering taster season! The time when most caterers host the upcoming weddings and events to ensure menus are perfect to your tastes. Here’s a little sneak preview of what to expect and top tips to ensure you get the most from your taster experience.

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It’s important your caterer knows what you love to eat to enable a bespoke menu to be created! For us personally, we love to dive deeper. Share your favourite foods, adventures, engagement story, restaurants/chefs you admire, family traditions. Include dislikes too! The more we know about what makes you tick, the better! We have created a method to extract and turn your ideas into reality. It’s a secret - only our 2022 couples know about!


This is a biggie and one we understand is a big ask! Trust your caterer to create something delicious and to be good at what is promised! We know it is daunting - especially when a lot of planning until now may have only been online, but you have chosen your caterer for a reason - trust your gut and their skill set! Maybe even be daring and request a surprise menu in line with your sharings with us. 

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Come Hungry

The word ‘taster’ is quite misleading ha ha! We personally offer our tasters to scale in full size to allow couples to have the full experience on what we are proposing for the day - arrive hungry is always a must with us 🤪


Plan ahead with any questions ahead of time, topics of planning you wish to cover. We will also be asking questions and taking notes leaving you to truly submerge into the experience. The goal is following your taster; you’ll feel full prepared here with wedding catering ticked well and truly off your list. 


It’s our job to ensure the space feels open and welcoming. Please know that we truly want your menu to be perfect to your tastes - we welcome feedback and always happily accommodate changes if required. That’s what the tasters are all about!

Have fun!

Get stuck in and enjoy the process! There are many ‘wedmin’ tasks that are a required to pull off a wedding, but this one should always be fun! Remember, we're always on hand to discuss your catering options, to make sure your big day goes off with a bang, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kirsty & Steve x

All photography done by the fabulous Benjamin Stuart - https://benjaminstuart.co.uk

Posted by Fossil Food Team on February 4th 2022

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