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Hola amigas & amigos 

Hope you are well and enjoying the early signs of Spring blossoming. Wild garlic is out in full force and the clocks have gone back - there is light at the end of the dark, cold Winter tunnel after all.

Soooo we wanted to share with you a little update behind the scenes here at Fossil HQ - we are engaged! Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to reach out with your kind words and well wishes.

Steve proposed during our pre-season siesta to Costa Rica overlooking the Rio Celeste Waterfall.

If you have drove in Costa Rica you will know first hand how crazy the roads (read dust tracks) are. Think back to the days when Play Station 1 was King the game Colin Mcrae Rally & Dirt, but worst. As we arrive at the beginning of the hike the heavens open with a torrential downpour. No probs I am fully prepared for the 6km up hill round trip in my Maxi Skirt and White Trainers of course. 

Arriving at the waterfall looking as if we have jumped in for a swim already at this point sporting my now brown trainers - the view was incredible! The water is a vivid blue - Powerade Energy Drinks Vibes. The colour appears when two separate clear water rivers meet and a certain type of mineral coated in silicon, oxygen and aluminum remains suspended in the river. The size, suspension and reflection of sunlight creates this vivid blue colour in the water. Super cool!

We have had a wonderful time exploring Costa Rica in our newly engaged bubble and cannot wait to celebrate with our newest and dearest and continue the wedding season. Feeling grateful to return to work that we absolutely love with our awesome team, lush couples and other talented suppliers! Roll on the good times ahead.

Pura Vida

Posted by Fossil Food Team on April 8th 2022

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