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Things I’ve learnt as a 2024 Bride so far…

With less than 5 months to go until our own big day, things are getting a little real over at Chateau De Fossil. In today’s blog, I thought it would be fun to reflect on what I’ve learnt from being on the other side of the table as a 2024 upcoming Bride. Here’s my top 5!

Despite everything we know about our beloved industry, we still have received huge benefits from having a wedding planner onboard. That peace of mind, knowing someone has your back taking care of the details, is worth its weight in gold and I believe is why I have felt so chilled (mostly). Amy @ Peaches and Cream has been an angel to us so far - highly recommended if you are getting married in France. Or if you are planning in Dorset and the surrounding areas, 100% Melanie & Danielle @ Belissimo Weddings are your team! 

Making milestones

Bridesmaid dresses, THE dress shopping, wine tasting –  any excuse you can make to get together your bridal party and turn it into a celebration has been so much fun! Enjoying the journey to the wedding, making milestones out of the planning with all our favourite people is something I’d highly recommend.

My vision has changed a lot… and that’s okay!

If you asked me when we first got engaged what my dream wedding would be like vs how things are shaping up, things are completely different. The looks, vibe, atmosphere has taken many turns in the last year or so. It’s okay for things to evolve and change direction.

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Don’t sweat the small stuff

We see many weddings, and I have never once come away and thought “yeah that was great, but would have been way better if the napkins were X” etc. The most iconic weddings to me are the ones where you feel the love, the energy in the room and those who are unapologetically themselves. I will throw my hands up in the air and admit early on I felt overwhelmed by thoughts of “will these candles match my flowers?” “How will everything piece together?” Sally @ Ginger Catering Company will vouch how many different table schemes I considered. Details are important (and fun!) but if it’s causing you stress, take a step back to consider: does it really matter?

Anxiety around getting ready

Speaking with others recently, I realise I am not the only one who has felt nerves around getting ready or how I will look on the day. Maybe the pressures of social media in the world we live in? I’m not sure. But it’s something that has made me quite nervous!

My best bit of advice is to speak about it, and surround yourself with people who uplift you! 2023 Fossil Bride Lucy has created an amazing and positive experience for fellow brides, designed to help them on their fitness journey in the lead up to the big day. Lucy is lovely and highly experienced in the fitness industry - highly recommend checking out her new Bridal project.

If you enjoyed this kind of content, please do drop us a mail - or if you’d rather us stick to the food that’s also cool!

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Posted by Fossil Food Team on January 24th 2024

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