Predicted Trends For Your Wedding Catering In 2022

Wedding catering is just like fashion, it goes through trends and is always evolving.

This is why we love what we do! There are always new and exciting ideas to explore together with our couples. The wedding industry is back in full force with a wedding boom predicted for the next few years. It’s a really exciting time right now to be a part of this special industry, here are a few of our personal predictions on what we think will be popular for the next season to come on the wedding catering scene!

Skipping the Starter

Picture the scene… you have just got married to your best friend surrounded by all of your favourite people, you have a glass of something bubbly in one hand and in the other is bite sized deliciousness. What’s not to like? You may wish to skip the starter course and instead choose to extend your canapes and drink reception. We are expecting a rise in many choosing to throw tradition out the window after so long apart from one and other and skip the starter course all together and opt for longer soaking in these beautiful moments creating memories enhanced by canapes and drinks. 

Story Telling

The rise of the bespoke menu has become very popular in recent years and rightly so! Sample menus are lovely to get a feel of what style a caterer can offer but most couples these days want to put a personal stamp on what food they will be serving on their big day. We think going forward couples will wish to take this to another level with moments weaved in which paint their very own personal story together. Thoughts of menu themes hinted at location they got engaged, lockdown traditions they adopted or that new cooking skill they took up with friends together over Zoom? Perhaps adventures they shared together with each course a different country they fell in love with. Themes that inspire memories and stories only they know about or even many of the guests shared with the happy couple. We are all for it! 


We have all been locked up a LONG time! Now the world is our oyster (as long as it’s on the green list...) we all are keen to get stuck into our new found freedoms. We are seeing many of our 2022 couples opting for sharing food that encourages interaction amongst guests. There is no better way for guests to get to know their table buddies than carving a joint of your favourite meat/fish/veggie choices together at the table with our ‘Carve Your Own’ options? Some couples are even providing personalised aprons/chef hats for guests to wear. We love this as it makes for great photos and always drums up lots of laughs. If sharing isn’t your thing and you channel an inner Joey from Friends that’s also fine! You may like the idea of sharing side dishes with a plated main course. We always refill side dishes throughout your meal so you can guarantee no one goes hungry at a Fossil Food Catering wedding!


Let the food do the talking! If your food is thoughtfully put together on the plate or board then there is no need for huge gestures of style, decor and centrepieces. Let the food become your centrepiece and decor! We do not claim to be a fine dining styled caterer however we do love to consider how each element will look on a dish. Considering colour, textures, height and serveware. We personally can see a more minimalist approach to table scapes going forward with the menu being a strong part of the decor scheme. This saves £££ and planning time leaving you to kick back and put energy and budget into other areas. 

These are our personal predictions for the season ahead! Is there something you wish to create for your wedding catering? Drop us a line with your ideas. We would love to hear from you!

Kirsty & Steve x

All photography done by the fabulous Benjamin Stuart -

Posted by Fossil Food Team on August 11th 2021

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