Kitchen Space & Equipment: Your Most Common Questions

Where do you prep your food for our wedding catering?

We built a kitchen on the land behind our home. We built it for the purpose of catering weddings, so it works really well with everything we need. We have a 5* environmental health rating and follow EHO regulations.

My wedding is in a marquee/a venue without a kitchen – is this a problem?

Not a problem at all! We are experienced in working in many wonderful spaces which haven’t had a kitchen. We can easily create one no probs! All we ask is a separate space that is clean and sheltered to use and we will get to work to create a makeshift kitchen. When working in venues we haven’t catered at before we will always carry out a site visit in advance. We love to be prepared and organised.

What kitchen faculties do you require?

We are a low maintenance bunch here! We appreciate everyone has a form of budget and kitchen equipment isn’t exactly exciting - we aim to keep this low. All we need is clean and sheltered space for example a catering tent if you are having a marquee wedding, a 6 burner gas oven (which can be hired for a very reasonable rate), trestle tables used for work surfaces and access to running water and electricity. That’s it! No need for trailer fridges as provide our own refrigeration and anything additional for example the likes of fryers we will bring with us and no extra cost. You may wish to hire a plate warmer but this really goes down to personal preference!

How far do you travel for your wedding catering?

Everywhere! We will go wherever your wedding is. We love to explore new places J.

I am really struggling on the timings of my day. How long do I allow for a wedding breakfast?

You are not alone – many of our couples really find this difficult. We include a personalised wedding guide bespoke to your wedding. Within the guide is lots of tips and tricks to planning your wedding including a bullet proof method for working out your timings. Or if you prefer let us know the time of your ceremony and we can suggest a format for you. The key is for your day not to feel rushed! To give you a rough idea your wedding breakfast should be around 2 hours depending on courses and when you plan your speeches. We can help with the whole day!

Posted by Fossil Food Team on April 16th 2020

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