How To Plan Your Marquee Wedding Catering Set Up

What To Consider

Some of the best weddings we have had the pleasure of catering have been at marquee weddings! They have so much room to put your personalised stamp and often on private land coming with the added perk of making up your own rule book. 

We get asked all the time if a marquee set up will restrict catering in any way. This may come to a surprise to some but actually marquees for us personally with clever planning are our preferred method of catering set ups. Don’t get me wrong they often require a little creativity as most set ups are a blank canvas however we personally see this as a positive as we can create a set up that suits your menu and will guide our couples through every step of the way. 

Here’s a run down of what to consider if you love the idea of a marquee/tipi wedding with the wedding breakfast in mind.

Sourcing a Good Supplier

This one may seem like a no brainer but seriously take great consideration into who you choose to provide your marquee/tipi. There are many options out there all varying in options and pricing - I get that it is overwhelming! Reviews are super important from real couples, also ask other suppliers too.

The wedding industry is small, we all know one and other! My personal favourites are Taddle Farm Tents & Coastal Tents for quality and service. Both have been known to adapt at very last minute when the weather isn’t on side or if the brief u-turns. We love working with these guys as the understand our needs as a caterer too. Steve is forever grateful for high up trestle tables! 

Finding The Right Space

The catering tent is where the magic happens! Space here is key - 6x6 is often spot on, or for larger wedding or many sharing courses the team always appreciates a little more room if you have space in the tank at your chosen location. Imagine a team of 10 give or take working together with large hot equipment… space for us is always king. Ideally positioned as close to your wedding breakfast location please with parking next door (always mindful our van is out of sight).

Facilities To Consider

Here at Fossil we are a low maintenance bunch! Key staples to consider is:

  • Sufficient Power - plugs in the catering tent please and most often a generator depending on the supply on the land. Your marquee supplier will advise & offer hire if required

  • Water - this can be a standpipe, water containers or bottles if supply is tricky 

  • Trestle Tables - 8 as a minimum please in the catering tent.  If you have the option for a high rise style you will have very happy chefs! 

  • Waste Water - we always ask for a preferred waste water disposal location as we respect your space and do not want to cause damage. Often hedgerows work well if okay with you. Please note this is cooking water/hygiene water - not oils which are removed from site by us. 

  • Parking - touched on this earlier lightly. A space for our transit van to park next to catering tent where possible is always useful. The front of house cars are encouraged to park in your preferred location.

Equipment You'll Need

  • 6 Gas Burner Gas Oven(s) - gas is our personal preferred oven choice. These can be hired easily and very cost effective considering the size of kit

  • Hot Plate Cupboard - menu pending if this one is recommended and will be advised once the menu is created

  • Fridge Trailer - you will need to consider refrigeration for your drinks and we find a fridge trailer is the most effective method. You can hire these from most marquee suppliers and are worth their weight in gold in the Summer season

  • If fryers or other menu specific equipment is required we supply this within our services at no extra cost 

  • Cutlery, crockery, glassware - all of these things can be hired from the same supplier as ovens & hot cupboards. You have our full support in making sure everything is considered and booked once the menu is fully confirmed

That’s everything! Now time to focus on the fun elements such as marquee styling and your menu. We personally love to guide our couples through everything from start to finish to ensure you are never alone with planning and here to answer any questions throughout the process. 

Posted by Fossil Food Team on January 30th 2023

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