Do you have to provide a meal for your wedding photographer?

You may have seen the viral story hitting the press, of a wedding photographer who deleted the full album of wedding shots and walked out following the couple's refusal to provide food for them on the day. This story has sparked a lot of chat from both couples and photographers sharing their opinions, but rarely do you hear caterers adding their two pennies to the mix - so here we are with some thoughts! 

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In short, yes

We think you should always factor in offering your suppliers a meal, and we answer some of the most common questions relating to the subject below. 

"But why? We don't get lunch provided when we go to work!"

Weddings are their own unique work environment. Suppliers work long days on their feed, often performing in high stress, pressure-fuelled occasions. Often, the provision of food will also be written in to their contracts. Their jobs are to deliver on what is promised, and they'll be very experienced and well-equipped, but who doesn't perform even better with a hot meal in their tummies! 

Many venues or marquees do not have a secondary kitchen for your suppliers to store or prepare some lunch of their own, and your catering chef definitely will not want anyone near the kitchen except their crew while the wedding breakfast is in full flow! 

"How do we go about organising a meal for them?"

Our advice is to reach out to your caterer in advance, who will be more than happy to create extra meals for your suppliers. We ask this question during taster sessions, and again at our final catch-up with couples before their big day. It's always good to be armed with any dietary requirements your caterer needs to consider too, so please do ask your suppliers this question. Surprise vegans aren't impossible to cater for, but it can certainly be more limiting if we don't know in advance!

"What meal shall we provide our suppliers?"

The meals we choose to create are the same meals as you and your guests will enjoy! No frozen tray bake lasagnes or plates of carrots on our watch. That might sound bizarre, but it really does happene according to photographer friends who have shared their experiences. So whoever is taking care of your catering, please do check in advance what will be served for your money! 

"When do suppliers eat?"

When we're providing suppliers with meals, this will most likely be once the main course is served - as soon as the last plate is out for the wedding party and guests, the suppliers are up next. 

We consider riming of the speeches, as of course photographers are needed for shooting at this time. This window is often ample for a sufficient recharge, as guests will be enjoying their meal, with clearing plates and fizz being poured in this segment. We like to prepare our couples at the taster and again during the final catch ups on what time we envision we'll be feeding supplioers, and ask them to pass this message on directly. Suppliers can plan ahead of time, and might want to bring along a little snack with them. 

We also try and touch base with the relevant suppliers during canapes at some point to remind them of dining times, as well as giving them a warm welcome and letting them know we're excited to work together. One team, one dream! 

Our Fossil team are alwats the last crew to eat, either during speeches or after the meal clear down is complete.

"Which suppliers should you provide a meal for at a wedding?"

Not everyone is present all day. Check contracts first - most suppliers nowadays will have this woven into their paperwork. Usually we tend to feed photographers, videographers, bands, and DJs. You may also consider the venue/ bar team too. Team Fossil are not charged for, but are always considered by us.

A friendly note to fellow suppliers...

We love working with other suppliers, striving for our couples to have the best day possible. If you ever have any questions in advance or on the day about your meal, you can always approach us. Please do speak with Kirsty or a fellow front of house, it's best to stay out of the kitchen - it's not advisable to ask chefs directly while they're prepping for, or in full swing of wedding breakfast service. 

Posted on April 14th 2023

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