5 Key Questions to ask your Wedding Caterer

You may be in the depths of choosing your wedding caterer or have even successfully booked a catering company and now it’s time to get planning! 

Here are some questions that you might want to ask to understand the catering services the company offers.

1. Can I have {insert amazing food choice here} on the menu?

For us the answer is always yes! Providing it your ideas will logiscally work in a wedding setting (some things sadly just simply don’t work on a big scale - picture making 150 omelettes all ready for the same time - disaster!). If any doubts a good caterer will always welcome your ideas and offer an alternative suggestion only if necessary.

2. Is staff included within your services? If so, how many will be there on my wedding day?

Some caterers choose to offer this as a separate fee, for others staff is inclusive within the price. Ourselves include staff with our services and work on a ratio of 1 staff to 12 to 15 guests. Our team is always hand selected by us as we want to ensure everyone working on your day shares the same passion as we do in making your wedding a success!

3. Can we taste your food before the big day?

Any caterer worth its salt will want to show off what they can offer! We include complimentary tasters with every wedding booking and love hosting a feast for all of our couples.

4. Will you personally be at my wedding?

Catering more than one wedding a weekend isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It proves the caterer is in demand and must be good at what they do. You do however want to feel reassured you will get the time and planning leading up to the big day you and your wedding deserves. We believe in the personal approach ourselves which you can read more information about what that means here.

5. Do you have insurance and a kitchen rating?

These are both legal requirements and if you caterer cannot prove they are following the rules then listen to those alarm bells…

We hope you find the above helpful! If you have any questions regarding your wedding catering then please get in touch!

Posted by Fossil Food Team on May 18th 2020

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